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Life Coaching

Do you want a more fulfilling relationship?

A new job?

A body that you love?

Extra money to spend on yourself?

How about closer ties with your family?

Or the ability to stop over-indulging?

Often people feel stuck with angry, anxious and depressive thoughts, or unruly emotions that prevent them from finding and pursuing the fulfilling paths that are their birthright. We will work together so that your life will become "easeful, peaceful and useful," filled with loving relationships, satisfying work, and joy. I will help you live a life where you love, honor and respect yourself.

Would you like the first thought of your day to sound something like "Good Morning! I look fabulous today. I can't wait to experience the miracle of life and the magic of humanity. Everything is going my way!" I have trained with Debbie Ford and her skilled staff to become a Certified Integrative Coach Professionals and Spiritual Divorce Coach to support you through your own personal transformation so that you can achieve the results you desire.
I create for you a safe place to experience deep self-awareness and include in each session powerful questions that enable you to design weekly action steps. My commitment to your highest vision of yourself will support you in following through to lead the life of your dreams!

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I love and appreciate working with clients who are highly motivated to make life transforming changes in order to create a life they love. Serving as an Integrative Life Coach is in perfect alignment with my purpose to empower people to reconnect with their ability to have health, wealth and happiness in daily living. As your life coach, I utilize Debbie Ford’s proven processes and my own experience as a healer for guiding you to become clear about what it is you want, guide you in working through your obstacles, help you create a plan and then support you in following through with creating a life you absolutely love – NO EXCUSES!!

It has been an amazing and gratifying experience to work as an Integrative Life Coach. I began studying Debbie Ford’s work in 2004 and in 2005 began training with the Ford Institute for Integrative Coaching. I knew immediately that this form of teaching is on the evolutionary edge of human consciousness. This form of education gives people the support and skills to realize they are the only ones who can be responsible for creating their best life, and that all of the answers and guidance they are searching for are right inside of themselves. I absolutely love guiding people back to their inner wisdom to rediscover their inner compass for how to navigate through life confidently. During my training as a coach, I began working with people of all ages and backgrounds. I have worked with teenagers, homemakers, professional men and women and business owners. Clients experience  increased success and self-confidence in various areas of their lives in a relatively short period of time.

I enjoy providing a heart-centered coaching program that is accountability-based and designed to support you and coach you all the way through the achievement of your goals. You can count on me to hold your vision with you until it is successfully realized. In addition to being a certified Integrative Life Coach since 2006, I also guide people inward as a Registered Yoga Teacher and Gift of Goals facilitator.. So....

Are you REALLY ready to fully accept that you can have what you want?
Are you ready to look at what has been holding you back and then move beyond it?
If you are ready to give up using excuses and take action, CALL ME for an introductory session to get started creating a life you absolutely love!


In Conversation with Elena Moreno-Keegan

1. What is the primary focus of your coaching practice?

What I really enjoy doing is listening to my clients to see what their deepest desires are. As they speak, their inner flame is ignited and they can clearly see the next steps in front of them, they become inspired to take action. With the Essentials Coaching Program, we set out on a course to take inventory on my client’s beliefs, habits and actions to make sure they are in alignment with their goals. As a result, my primary focus is on my client’s present and future and guiding them to rediscover their ability to make choices that serve themselves and thus humanity. I want people to come alive with their unique passion so they can share it with the rest of the world! With this approach, I am able to work with all populations who are ready to make life-transforming changes to live their best life in all areas of life. If a client is not sure what it is they desire at this time, we work on getting clear on what the next step is for them.

2. Tell us one of your favorite client breakthrough stories.

My favorite and most rewarding clients’ breakthroughs come when they realize they are the ones who hold the power to create what they desire in their life. They realize they do not have to wait to have what they want. Watching that realization surface is always a delight and honor to experience. My intention for each client during their time with me is for them to have a breakthrough in discovering, trusting and taking their next steps towards creating a life they LOVE!


To live your heart's desire, you must uncover the darkness that keeps your spirit from soaring. Elena has been a guiding light on that quest. Her insight, encouragement and focus have helped me discover my blind spots and gain traction towards my goals. Her life coaching is life changing.

Lori, Louisiana
Sr. Account Executive

Elena brings her lively personality, her open heart and her positive energy to lift up anyone she works with. I always left my sessions with Elena feeling more positive about my life, myself and my future. She is a natural, fabulous coach. She will hold you in your highest with great love and kindness. I highly recommend her coaching services.
Beth, California

"Elena is an extraordinary person and an extraordinary life coach. She
brings out the best in you and makes you want to be 'more' than you already
are. Because of Elena's coaching, I made significant positive changes in my
exercising, my money management, and the clutter and lack of organization in
my home and office. And the amazing thing was that all of this was
accomplished in a relatively short period of time.

When I first began working with Elena, I was a little unsure because she is
a good bit younger than I am. I learned quickly that it absolutely didn't
matter -- her coaching skills as well as her innate gifts are such that she
can help anyone, regardless of their age. I could write a long list of positive changes I made in my life as a result of having Elena as my life coach. But the overarching change was that she helped be 'get' the fact that I, and only I, am responsible for my own
happiness. She helped me rid myself of a lot of the negative thinking I was
doing and the results have been phenomenal."

Ann, Louisiana

Elena served as my personal coach about a year ago. I was thrilled when I found out I’d have an opportunity to work with her having known her before. I knew her as being a very warm, compassionate and creative woman and thought that those qualities would make her an outstanding coach. What I also learned was how strong and demanding Elena could be while helping me navigate through tough issues which, in turn, kept me reaching higher heights and deeper meaning.
Elena never let me rest on my past laurels or accomplishments, instead constantly guiding me towards thinking and acting “out of the box.” She has a great gift of pushing hard to achieve maximum potential while never pushing too hard; which could have generated diminishing returns.
I had one main goal that I wanted to work on and it came to fruition this summer. I wrote and published my first book “You May Kiss the Bride! Now What? –The Essential Guide to Planning Your Dream Wedding/Marriage. However, Elena also encouraged me to think and be multi-dimensional and helped me to grow in many other areas of my life, simultaneously. Working with Elena taught me how to break down extremely large goals into bite-size, doable pieces of quantifiable units of work and helped me to establish the discipline and a working regiment to follow through. (I could never let Elena down after promising to complete a task. Translation - I could never let myself down after promising to complete a task). I continue to rely on these tools - long after my weekly sessions with Elena have ended.

Thank you Elena!
Love always,
Reginald Wickham
Information Technology Professional,
Bass guitarist for the Baton Rouge, Louisiana based cover band, “N2N”,
Author of “You May Kiss the Bride! (Now What?)”
The Essential Guide to Planning your Dream Wedding Marriage





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